Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Temple Woods Gang (2023) Rendezvous With French Cinema 2024

A group of friends from a housing block decide to rob a Saudi Prince. The job seemingly goes off perfectly. Unfortunately circumstance has other other ideas and it all begins to unravel

This is an excellent little thriller. Critically acclaimed in France it's easy to see why. Focusing on the men who pull the job the film transcends your typical thriller formula. There are real stakes to what we are seeing because we come to care for everyone involved. 

Beautifully made, and echoing the 1970's films of WIlliam Friedkin such as THE FRENCH CONNECTION and SORCERER, the director Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche  wraps the audience around his little finger and manipulates us in the best sort of a way.

This is one I am not going to discuss because you will just want to buy a ticket and take a ride when the film plays Rendezvous With French Cinema on March 6 and 7.

Highly recommended

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