Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Sew Torn (2024) SXSW 2024

Do yourself a favor and don't read on SEW TORN and instead just get tickets and see it. I say that because this film is a wild ride you will wan to take.

The film follows a desperate seamstress. Her store is on the way down. When she runs across a drug deal gone wrong she has three choices, do nothing, try to commit the perfect crime and steal the money or call the please. If she takes the money she potentially could solve all her problems...or get her killed.

This is a crazy film. I'm not going to say what happens, but it's truly insane and some of the turns require the woman to use her seamstress skills to help her remain alive. That may sound insane, especially since this film involves gunfights, but, trust me, it's true and it will make your jaw hang open.

This film is an absolute blast. I discovered it because Liz Whittemore sent me an email telling me that I had to see this SXSW film. Somehow I missed the film on the film on the list of films at the festival. As I moved to email for access more emails came in. Apparently people really loved the film. Having seen it I completely understand. 

This is one of my favorite films at SXSW

Consider this my email to you. Go see this film- trust me you'll love this.

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