Monday, December 27, 2010

Who Could Kill a Child aka Island of the Damned (among others) (1976)

Uneasy horror film concerns a married couple who are on holiday. They eventually end up on an island where they suddenly realize that something is terribly wrong, all of the adults seem to be missing. It quickly becomes apparent that the children are behind it and that in order to survive they will have to kill some children.

Dark tale plays infinitely better than you think it should. This is not the simplicity of something like Children of the Corn rather it;s something more disturbing. What that something is is never explained which some how makes it worse.

Trust me, this film will disturb you.

When I first saw this film I had been warned that it was a kick in the pants. I thought, "yea, right". I even thought that when I started the film.

And then something happened. Some where along the way I started to feel it go up my back and I felt the skin crawl and I found that this film was messing with my expectations. The film is essentially the story of people surrounded and out numbered by a terrible enemy and yet they can't kill that enemy since they are programmed not to- as the title says who can kill a child?

The film was made as an allegory about children and war but the version that I had originally seen was cut by some twenty minutes and it played as a scary horror film. Thats the way I still see the film whenever I man up enough to give the film a try.

It's a damn scary movie.

The film is out on DVD according to Amazon in the shorter version that I have. I think it's fine. I know a more complete film was released at one point several years ago but that came and went quickly.

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