Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Teat Beat Of Sex - 15 Short Films By Signe Baumane

My copy of this collection of short films by animator Signe Baumane was signed by the lady herself at the conclusion of a nice long conversation. I had met Ms. Baumane at the MoCCA Comic Arts Festival earlier this year. She had a table of DVDs for both herself and Bill Plympton and I proceeded to buy up everything of hers that she had (I already had some of the Plympton stuff). She was shocked that I knew who she was and that I knew of her upcoming appearance with Plympton at the IFC Center in a Man vs. Woman Animation show. She graciously signed my DVDs (this one says Sex is good and sex is wise! With Good Advise Signe"), and I went off.

While I had seen some of her short films I hadn't seen any of the films in this collection and boy was I unprepared for what I saw.

Teat Beat is 15 short films about sex. Over the course of the 15 shorts, topics of almost every sort are covered in a very frank (this is not for kids) and very funny manner. I was doubled over with laughter as I watched the films.

The films go from Kirby which is about size to Barn which is about virginity. In between we have stops at places like panties, when kissing goes wrong, and a few other subjects I'm hesitant to mention. All of them are dead-on and very funny.

If there is any real problem it's that the shorts, which run roughly two minutes each, are further shortened by each film having full openings and closings which really reduce the material down. I found myself zipping through them to get to the next bit.

I loved it. I want more.

If you're an adult and would like to see some really good short films on sex you can get them from a website set up for the films which can be found here.

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