Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas In August (1998)

Korean "romance" about the owner of a camera store who is diagnosed with a fatal disease. As he goes about his daily routine and prepares for the end he becomes acquainted with a young girl who is a customer. A friendship and romance grows, even though neither expresses any sort of affection for the other.

A good film which is unlikey anything you are likely to see remade in America, simply because the studios would insist that the "couple" act on their feelings. He will not say anything because he doesn't have that long to live, she won't say anything because it's not the thing that's done, and he is not responding as she thinks he should. Of course it's much more complex than I'm making it out to be and in all honesty it's the sort of thing that you should discover for yourself.

Is it a great film?

No, but it is a good one that will move you emotionally. The final lines of the film still haunts me: "I always knew that love would fade like a photograph...but you will remain in my heart as you are in my last moment. Thank you and goodbye." It may seem odd out of context, but within the context of the film it is very moving.

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