Friday, December 3, 2010

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I Love You Philip Morris which I reviewed back in September has finally made it to theater screens. Its worth a seeing partly because its a good, but not great movie with a great turn by Jim Carrey. Its also a great way to signal to the studios that off beat films that are good do have an audience.

Rare Exports is beginning it's trek around the country to theaters possibly near you. This is a treat and for anyone who wants to see something less warm and fuzzy than It's a Wonderful Life.

Aftershock the Chinese film about the aftermath of an earthquake in 1976 has won the Asia Pacific Award for Best Film.

In a move that is understandable but truly annoying, the film/miniseries Carlos which played the NYFF and has one of the best performances of the year-Edgar Ramirez as the title character- is ineligible for any Oscars because it started out as a TV series. Sometimes rules should be broken since thinking about it the performance was my lock for the best actor award.

Help I'm a Fish is playing at New York's IFC Center for the next two weekends as part of their on going partnership with the New York International Children's Film Festival.

I saw London, the first of the Robinson films by Patrick Keiller. Its very good and if you, like me liked Robinson in Space you'll like this as well. (Its similar enough in tone and style that I can't justify a second review. Its not more of the same plotwise, just more of the same stylistically.

Peter Greenaway's Last Supper has opened at the Park Avenue Armory. I should have a review tomorrow night since I'm going tomorrow morning to that as well as to a talk by the man himself. Details of the presentation can be found here. As an addendum I just picked up the Umbrella Entertainments box set of 8 Greenaway films. Expect reviews as soon as I wade in.

Back in July Ken reviewed the three stand up DVDs of Dylan Moran. Four those not wanting to spend the time to see the shows as they should be seen, they have released Aim Low The Best of Dylan Moran, is highlights of the three shows. Personally I'd opt out since Moran is best when he can build a head of steam. I saw a highlight show of Monster when it was taped for BBC America and it was terrible. It was so bad it almost put me off Moran completely.

Bad table manners can save your life as witnessed here. (There are links to other films including one showing dating dos and don'ts via footage from Star Wars.)

The new movie realism.

The Grinch in ice.

And now some fun things I found at Cartoon Brew:

A wickedly funny live action coyote and road runner film is found here.

Someone is making a feature animated film in one month, And as crazy as that sounds apparently it is possible.

A trailer for what looks to be an amazing piece of animation Paths of Hate. Its a wicked airplane dogfight.

The short list of Oscar's choices for the animated short films is here.

The awards season marches on with the National Board of Reviews Awards. An article is here. The chose Social Network for the top awards. I refuse comment other than to say On Further Review...

Lastly from the current Roger Ebert's Movie Answer Man column:
Q. In all the giant monster movies I've seen ("King Kong," "Godzilla," et al.), the monsters never have the urge to urinate and/or defecate. Even after eating people. Why is that? Do you know of any movies where they do, barring "Jurassic Park?" (Eric Hodek, Itasca, IL).

A. Obviously, they must be constipated. That's why they're so short-tempered.

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