Friday, December 18, 2015

Action Jackson (1988)

Cheeseball action film of the sort they don't make any more but which filled the 1980's is wonderful fun on it's own lowbrow terms.

Carl Weathers plays Jericho Jackson, a former Police lieutenant busted down to sergeant for going after he son of a rich car maker Delaplayne (Craig T Nelson). When Jackson is asked to represent he force at a dinner honoring his nemesis Jackson balks but does it anyway, putting him in with Delaplayne ’s wife played by Sharon Stone. Things quickly heat up as a friend of Jackson is killed after telling him that the evil industrialist is planning on taking over the autoworkers union. As bodies pile up and Jackson is set up the two old enemies are set on a collision course.

Making almost no sense what’s so ever ACTION JACKSON is one of those 80’s films full of witty lines, lots of action and too much testosterone. Its one of those low budget popcorn films where B level actors tried to shoot for the big time. Of course it almost never worked with the result there are a long string of one off films that almost flew.

I like ACTION JACKSON. It’s the sort of film that when I run across it on cable I’ll stop and watch it to the end. Partly out of nostalgia, but largely because the old school approach to fights and car crashes is a nice antidote to the computer enhanced unreality of today. When a car flips and flies into a building it really did.

While I would never in a million years argue that the film is a lost classic it is highly entertaining, more so once you know its full of nonsense

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