Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Coverage of Making Waves: New Romanian Cinema is coming

As we've done for a good number of the past years Unseen Films will be covering the annual survey of Romanian film, Making Waves.

While I was never a big fan of Romanian festival film, this film festival made me fall in love with it. Its fantastic and if you only know Romanian film s from the frequently dour films that seem to get released then this festival will surprise you since they screen a wide variety of genres, and they are damn good at them. Seriously pick a film and go.

I have to apologize to the Film Society of Lincoln Center because I've completely screwed up and I lost track of the festival and I didn't schedule the reviews of the films I should have. That's going to be corrected over the course of the festival as I run a whole bunch of reviews. Keep reading since I'll have stuff up just as soon as I finalize the reviews.

To whet your appetite here are two reviews of films that are playing in the festival that I saw back at Tribeca:

TOTO AND HIS SISTERS is a bleak documentary that wasn't my cup of tea at Tribeca. It was also the source of several heated arguments with people who were deeply moved by the film who thought I needed to see it a third time.
AFERIM was one of the big surprises of Tribeca this year. A great adventure and a must see on a big screen

The series starts tomorrow at Lincoln Center in New York For tickets go here and at The Burns Film Center in Pleasantville New York starting Thursday. For tickets there go here

And keep reading since reviews will be dropping over the next few days so keep reading.

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