Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lynch/Rivette starts Friday at Lincoln Center

This is more short piece in passing to nudge you to go rather than a full on look at the series of film pairins that the Film Society of Lincoln Center is doing where David Lynch's films are paired with ones from Jacques Rivette. I say this is a nudgebecause the films of both David Lynch and Jacques Rivette require more words than I am prepared to give you right now (and because I have not seen a number of the Rivette films).

Starting Friday (though Dennis Lim will give a talk on Lynch tomorrow) film pairs put together via thematic or tonal elements will be playing through the 22. This should make for  what will be some really interesting evenings and afternoons as you are transported to another headspace.

I'm not sure what, if any I'm going to get to, my interest frankly is in the Rivette films more than the Lynch, but the Rivette films conflict with previous made plans- still I'm going to give it a shot.

A word of warning- each film requires a separate admission so if you wanted to do any of the double features you need 2 tickets or if you're doing  FIRE WALK WITH ME and the JOAN THE MAID films you'll need 3.

For the list of the films, notes on the pairings and tickets go here.

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