Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best of 2015 Part 1

This is the second year where I saw so many films that the number of films on my best of list had to be split into two parts.  While the section tomorrow is listing as The Best of the Best it shouldn't be taken that these films are any less great. These are some of the best of the year.  The ones tomorrow are the arm twist best of this bunch, but only because a gun was put to my head and I never hesitated.

ZIONIST IDEA- possibly the best documentary ever on the founding of Israel I've ever seen

FLYING MAN- great superhero movie short that is now being expanded to a feature and I can't wait.

PADDINGTON- Utterly charming

Eddie Redmayne in THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING- its a great performance- more so when you realize he shot different scenes in differing states of decay in the same day.

DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD- The history of National Lampoon. The only reason this isn't on the best of the best is because I may be way too close to this film. (On Showtime in January)

MEANING OF LIVE- Monty Python does their last show and its a moving farewell. One of my most favorite films of the year may be too personal a pick for the best of the best.

PALIO- one of the most amazing cinematic experiences of my life


CAFE WAITING LOVE one of the best romantic comedies you'll ever see

BELLADONNA OF SADNESS- a cinematic piece of art lovingly restored. Not for kids or all tastes but still amazing.


CRUMBS- Ethiopian science fiction film is on par with the greatest head trips ever made

SHAMANS DAUGHTER- greatest fantasy film you never heard of. A worthy companion to the LOTR films- and a sequel is coming....

CHASUKE'S JOURNEY- deeply moving film from Sabu about an angel who fights like hell to save the girl he loves

ROBBERY- crazy off the wall film about a convenice store robbery gone banana shaped. It may not be a conventionally great film but its is too ballsy not to be here

BIRTHDAY (SHORT)- Moving short about a wounded soldier coming home

MAN UNDER-  is about the effect of people killing themselves by jumping in front of a train on the drivers and it will rock your world

THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA- one of the greatest films ever to come from Ghibli that just kicks your heart to the curb in the final minutes.

Sections of THE PROPHET are as good as animation gets- too bad the linking material was so weak.

SKULD- one of the scariest films of the year is 30 minutes long.

GREAT ALONE- Portrait of a man redeemed by dog sled racing. Deeply moving

THE KENSHIN FILMS- Finally saw the last two Rouroni Kenshin films and taken together with the first film it's one of the great cinematic achievements and comics on film you'll ever see-almost on the level of Lord of the Rings.

The final battle in the Korean film THE ADMIRAL is an hour long nail biter. Set pieces do not get better than this.

AND THESE SIX FILMS present a problem in that I have been moving them between this list and the tip top list  with a regularity  since I started this list in September. I've never wavered this much before concerning where films belong- they are all extremely special among the best films of 2015

IN MY FATHERS HOUSE- deeply moving tale that starts where the feel good ending should be and goes on. You ill call you're dad when its done.

SHAUN THE SHEEP- screamingly funny film takes four or five times through to catch all the jokes. Brilliant. And stay way past the end credits for a final gag

TRANSFATTY LIVES- grand fuck you to death by a man who loves life too much to ever leave it

MY LOVE, DON'T CROSS THAT RIVER-heart breaking tale of a long married couple . It will crush you and make you jealous that anyone could love like this

THE BUSINESS OF AMATEURS - hard look at college athletics that looks at the bad, and surprisingly the good. Its a film that should be seen by every college bound athlete

MY NAME IS EMILY is a wonderful story about  young girl coming of age that surprises on so many different levels.

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