Thursday, December 24, 2015

Invasion USA (1985)

In the wake of the Reagan administrations jingoistic pronouncements and the rise of the new right there were a mini-wave of films of evil commies make a strike at the heart of America. Films like RED DAWN hit theaters and fed audiences to feel rah rah in the waning days of the cold war. Invasion USA is Cannon films entry into the sweepstakes.

Silly beyond words, but damn entertaining, this film has an army of terrorists (they are really commies) making their way into the US lead by an evil Russian played by Richard Lynch. The government know that the only chance we have is to enlist Chuck Norris who is the only man to defeat the evil Lynch. Norris wants no part of it, but when the baddies come gunning for Chuck he willing joins the battle.

Pure live action cartoon, and rather violent for a Norris, Invasion USA requires a not only a suspension of disbelief but a couple of stiff drinks (no not really but it will get the laughs flowing). You won’t believe the craziness that occurs as not only the entire US population but the whole of the US government does nothing as a whole army of terrorists drive in from the sea and cause havoc. At no point does anyone other than Norris do anything and while the action scenes are entertaining In a mindless sort of way they have no real logic.

Its all great fun. This is the sort of film you put on after a hard day at the salt mines and unwind to. It’s a simple good vs evil tale done in grand style. There are no high aspirations beyond wanting to entertain and it achieves that and then some. This is in no way high art- or even low art.

As for the films politics, they were always laughable. I have no idea why the Soviet army was changed to being terrorists, except perhaps it would have made it too silly for words. I remember seeing this when it came out and talking to strident right-wingers and even they found it silly. (Except Donald Trump who seems to believe this is what is going to happen any day now)

Worth your time and a bowl of popcorn

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