Sunday, December 20, 2015

Black Chapel (1959)

Peter van Eyck plays a writer recruited by cabal of generals plotting to over throw Hitler the days leading up to the Second World War. It seems that the generals feel that Hitler's desire to go against England and France may spell doom for Germany. van Eyck is sent to Italy on a secret mission to broker peace but the Gestapo and Himmler are aware of the plot and they are trying to untangle what  exactly is going on.

Nifty and moody little thriller is the sort of dark down beat film that you'd never see made in the US for another decade. History aside you know this is all going to go banana shaped from the start and not end happily. Still you end up hooked because you care enough about the characters and what is happening that you want to see how it all plays out.

This is another of the small European B films that Sinister Cinema regularly rescues from total obscurity and releases so that the films at least have some chance of finding a modern audience.  Track it down its worth your time and money.

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