Saturday, December 5, 2015

In Brief: Aliyah DaDa (2014) Making Waves New Romanian Cinema

This is the story of the Jews in Romania. The film explores the arc of their existence ove the years and includes the tale of how the Romanian government traded them to Israel during the years of the communist regime.

Good look at the an often overlooked portion of Jewish history the film is raised up from being just another documentary by the use of photo collage which is often created right before our eyes.  Its a a technique that not only keeps the film interesting but also ads considerably to the mood of the story by doing things that conventional story telling can't do.

If I was to quibble with the film it would be that its 116 minutes is a bit too much. On the other hand the film is nicely detailed all the way through so in it's way there are an embarrassment of riches for those interested in the history of the Romanian Jews..

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