Monday, December 14, 2015

In brief:The Surface (2015)

A young man in a tumultuous relationship buys an 8mm camera at a yard sale. The old man he bought it from tells him to come back when he shoots some film and he'd give him the projector and editing equipment. When he returns he finds the old man gone and the man's son at the house.  A friendship starts that eventually turns to romance potentially derailing his long term relationship.

Good looking romance is an enjoyable little film. Well written and well acted the film THE SURFACE was one of the better romances/coming of age films I've seen recently. It has great characters and a naturalness that is missing from most recent similar films.

If there is any downside to this otherwise very good film it's that  it really didn't hang with me once it was done. Yes I knew I had seen and an enjoyed it but beyond that it didn't really stay with me. Still I'll take an enjoyable film anyway I can get one.

If you are interested in seeing a romantic coming of age film you might want to give it a try.

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