Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nightcap 12/13/15 - A reminder about awards and Randi's links

As we crash through Hanukkah barreling toward Christmas and Kwanza toward the cliff of the New Year I feel it’s an obligation to remind you that any and all critical organization best of the year lists are suspect and probably do not represent the actual BEST of the year.

Why is that?

Simple - the awards are chosen by a bunch of people thrown into a room and told to come up with a consensus or they can’t come out. If a film was truly the best they would get it right on the first ballot. That doesn’t happen since there are rounds of voting.

More importantly I’ve spoken to people who have been in the locked rooms and the frequently say their choice for best film wasn’t even in the running for the film and they worked from a list of films likely to actually win.

What does this mean?

You’re better off just looking at a critic or writers best of the year list since it’s much more honest. (Speaking of which my personal best/worst of the year lists will be hitting in the last days of 2015) This goes for any film awards as well.

Which brings me to the announcement that tomorrow evening we will be announcing the winners of the First Annual Unseen Film Awards which were chosen by the contributors of Unseen Films as well as a few other related writers.
And now Randi's links:

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