Sunday, December 27, 2015

End of Year 2015-My Favorite photos of 2015

I'm beginning  the year end look back with a post that consists of my favorite film related photos that I took. Most were taken at festivals or for interviews, some others just happened.

The tear end lists continue tomorrow with Festivals, followed by Disappointments, Worst films, Film Finds and my two part best of the year list.

Cosima Spender looking suitably regal. Talking to her and her husband was a high point of Tribeca

Justina Walford and John Wildman look so nice and made a film best described as disturbing. How is this possible?
John Cleese Roaring with laughter and I'm in the freaking front row, it can't get better than that...
Except when Eric Idle laughs and Michael Palin tries not to....
I don't care that I was far away it's Monty Python, together and I was in the house
My favorite Tribeca picture
Kevin Pollack and me. No explanation is needed
My sightline. The things I do for my readers
Riff Trax Live. in MST3K mode
Two of my most favorite people in the world waiting for Moomins
After an Osamu Tezuka screening at the Japan Society, snow.
Being quoted on a DVD case is way cool
High Fiving Cookie Monster-life doesn't get better than that

Ringo Lam one of the coolest men in the world enters to charm NYAFF
Brian Depalma humbled by the audience reaction to the film of his life

I just like this picture of Jia Zhangke
Yes it's blurry but this picture of John Tuturro reminds me of my late friend Lou

We will never forget the past thanks to Marcel Ophuls
One of the sets from NUFONIA MUST FALL a film/live performance hybrid that moved me
Me and the Quays- and life doesn't get cooler than that
Cate Blanchett at the NYFF
Iron Man Helmet that was auctioned for charity at New York Comic Con
The filmmaker's box at the New York Film Festival screening of BRIDGE OF SPIES
Jeff Daniels pondering

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