Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Body (2015)

On December 24th three girls are hanging out eating and getting ready for the holiday. When one of them decides to go to bed another suggests they go out-so they head out to a big mansion- she says its her uncle's...but then things start to go sideways when its revealed it isn't her uncle's house and well they end up with a dead body that has to be dealt with...

There is a trick to enjoying BODY and it involves having patience. I say this by way of a warning because in today's fast paced instant gratification world BODY requires that you go with it for a relatively long period of time, roughly a half an hour. For most people who like thrillers or horror films that amount of time is forever, especially when its in a film that only runs 75 minutes. And it's not that nothing is happening, characters are being built, I mean really built in ways that are way beyond your typical Hollywood horror short hand.  If you can wait it out for the film to get to the good stuff then you'll end up enjoying the twists that come.

Once the body shows up and the three girls begin to bounce off each other things get interesting and you'll be locked and loaded all the way to the end.(No I am not going to say anything about the plot other than as the movies have taught friendship does have limits)

One of the better recent thrillers of any sort BODY somehow manages to over come its flaws to be something worth your time and money to see. No, the film isn't the tensest thriller you'll see, we've been down similar roads a couple of times too many for that, but it is exceedingly clever and it possesses three great characters at the center. This film wouldn't have worked if the women weren't as finely drawn as they are, nor as well acted.

BODY opens Friday and will be available on VOD December 29th, either way its highly worth your time and money to see it.

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