Saturday, December 5, 2015

Intimate Bed (1993) Making Waves:New Romanian Cinema 2015

Opening night of Making Waves:New Romanian Cinema for this year is a black as tar satire/farce from just after the Communists were kicked out. Its a film that is very funny but also painful in its bleak portrait of humans.

Vasile Potop is a movie theater manager in turmoil. The economy is crap, his business is being  eaten away by home video, and his home life is a mess.  Everyone wants to cut a deal and everyone is for sale, literally as Vasile's wife wants to sell the baby she is carrying for some quick cash and another character wants to sell his mother. What is he to do?

Kafka and Orwell have nothing on Romania after the Communist fall. Based on the characters wandering around in Mircea Daneliuc's film it's even more fucked up then anyone could imagine because there is no Big Bother or no twisted mind set it's everyone for themselves. The worst thing about  INTIMATE BED is it doesn't feel like anything is really being made up, this feel like it's straight reporting. If there is anything that is made up or over done it would be that every moment has everyone is talking about running a deal. As messed up as life in the US can be it has nothing on the world shown in this film.

I really liked this film a great deal but to be honest after a while it wore me down, the satire and farce just became too much. Then the laughter caught in my throat and then I finally stopped laughing. I actually stopped reading the subtitles for a bit because I was overwhelmed.

Definitely a grand masterpiece but it has all of the bleakness of many Romanian films that reach the US and make me hesitant to indulge them.

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