Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Theresa is a Mother has hit Netflix

Back in September I did a partial review of THERESA IS A MOTHER promising to finish the review at a later time because I was knee deep in the New York Film Festival. I did a partial review of the film because I saw half of it and  I loved what I saw and wanted you to to go see it in a theater or download it on VOD. Basically I wanted you to see this great little film ASAP so I spoke before I finished it because I knew I wouldn’t be finishing the film in time to make the theatrical release.

Time passed. I finished the film, I watched the film multiple times…and I never wrote it up. Mind you I didn’t remain silent about the film I was talking it up and hard selling it to anyone who I thought would enjoy it.

Now that the film is hitting Netflix and is about to go into a second round of theatrical screenings in February so  I need to tell you that you need to see this. This is a sweet little film.

To be honest looking back at the original review  I realized two things, if I had never said that I never finished the film I could have gotten away with not having had to do a second review (which I was reminded I had promised to do by someone who is very good at reminding me of things).  The second thing I realized is that I really can't do better than what I originally wrote.  To be certain I could write up a more detailed discussion of the plot or I could change some stuff around but it wouldn't have the enthusiasm or the emotion that will get you to take a look at the film.

What follows is an edited version of my original review. What it says is what I still feel about the film and it explains why you need to see this either on Netflix or VOD or DVD or in its theatrical march this February.  For better or worse just see this film and here's why:

THERESA IS A MOTHER has Theresa at the end of her rope. The dream of a life in music isn't attainable with two kids and no husband to help raising them. Heading back home to the parents she all but cut off she finds that things are not as they were and that they and she have changed.

Yes it sounds like a story that's been done to death before, and it has but this time out its coming to us in a form that is a really good, really well made film that somehow has slipped completely and utterly through the cracks- I don’t remember hearing about the film until I got the promo material which, to be honest, I completely dismissed. That was my mistake. I won’t let that happen again. This is a great film with great characters and real emotions.

You NEED to see the film. Trust me, THERESA IS A MOTHER is going to be one of those films that in a couple of weeks your friends are going to tell you you should see. Seriously once people see this film they are going to be talking it up and telling their friends they should see it. Once you see it you'll be getting on twitter and Facebook and whatever and telling people they have to see this. You will, I have been preaching about this film for the last three months- and the people who've seen it are talking about it too.

Go get this film on VOD or DVD and see it. You don’t be told by your friends that you need to see this film after I’ve already told you. Seriously you’ll just hang your head and feel dejected at not having gotten in on the ground floor of something great.

That kind of makes this seem like a Ponzi scheme- but it’s not- this is a really good movie that you really should see.

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