Saturday, December 19, 2015

Unseen Repost: Grand Central Murder (1942)

As a train pulls into Grand Central Station, a convict makes good his escape and gets loose in the terminal. He manages to call his ex-girlfriend- an actress opening that night in a nearby show. She's spooked and eventually tries to make her escape in a private car. However someone kills her. The police inspector brings all of the suspects together to try and solve the crime.

Overly talky attempt at film noir is a good little mystery if you can forgive it trying too hard. The film comes together as all the suspects relate where they were and what they did when our victim was killed. They also spell out why they might have killed her if they had done the deed. It's a compact way of telling the story and allowing for the film to spin out in what is only a few hours of screen time. It also makes for a film that doesn't know when to stop talking.

Talkiness aside, this is worth seeing when you run across it on Turner Classics

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