Saturday, February 13, 2016

Death in the Desert (2015)

Coming out on VOD Tuesday is the Michael Madsen headed film DEATH IN THE DESERT. Based on the story of Ted Binion the film relates what happens when a millionaires wife falls for the help and kills her husband.

A road accident film coulda woulda shoulda been a kick in the ass but the film suffers from either a cast that can't act or a director who stages everything so the cast is hamstrung and can't do anything with their roles. Everyone seems to just stand around and do nothing. Or to look rather disinterested while doing it.There seems to be an affectation to the way it all goes down that just wrecks it. Its awful and I kind of tuned out.

On the other what kept me kind of watching and not turn it off  was Michael Madsen as the doomed millionaire. Madsen not only gives the only performance that doesn't seen to be from a mannequin, but he also drives the film forward with some kick ass narration. The narration is so good that it had me pondering why the film wasn't working since it's clear the script should have been something special.

I would love to report that the film was a total write off but I can't, Michael Madsen some how pulls off the impossible and makes this film that, while not recommended, is one that won't kill you if you ever get stuck watching it.

I suspect that is an attitude that is going to get me some grief since I've recently gotten some "fan mail" asking how I could sit through some films that the writers hated. My response was that you don't see the crap I do. Relatively speaking this film isn't bad...but it ain't good either.

Not recommended.

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