Saturday, February 20, 2016

FORCED MOVE (2016) Oxford Film Festival 2016

FORCED MOVE is being billed as a thriller where a man on a jog finds evidence that killers are moving through his neighborhood and is going to be soon targeting his family. The trouble is that the advertised part of the plot is really part of the second half of the film. Before that we have a slog through a family drama as our hero tries to repair his marriage.

How do I talk about this film? I'm not sure.

Frankly I am at sixes and sevens about this film. There are some really good performances here and there are some really good scenes but I'm not sure that the film completely hangs together. The film is trying to do too much with essentially three story lines coming together at the end, the collapsing marriage, the bad guys and the cop hunting for them, Its a great deal to be juggling in a film that runs around 75 minutes.

This is not a bad film, it is actually a good little film, the problem is plays very much like many other tiny budgeted films. There is nothing here that really makes it stand out. (Though I would love to see a longer cut)

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