Saturday, February 20, 2016

Now we are six

Happy Birthday to us

Thank you all for coming along- here’s to hoping we able to continue on for many more years

As much as I have loved doing this and having you find out about all of these films, what I love most of all is that I have made so many friends as the result of Unseen.

When I started Unseen six years ago, it was just me in a room. I then asked Randi, John, Ken, Mondo, Eden, Bob, Reg and Bully to help me. Then as I began to meet people I added Roy, Pat, Hubert, Alec, Peter and Ariela,  And of course there are the fellow travelers Joe Bendel and Lesley Coffin who have drifted into the Unseen family. I love you all deeply as I love my own family because that is what you are.

And beyond that there are a ton more people film fans, writers, PR people, filmmakers and festival people all of whom I have met as a result of Unseen films. I would never have met all of you wonderful people if it wasn't for Unseen having me cross your paths.

Thank you all

And now it's time to go off and celebrate -and maybe see a movie or two.

And of course feel free to have some cake on us.

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