Friday, February 19, 2016

Oxford Film Festival Shorts Get Animated

This is a collection of animated shorts that really rocks. The visuals of pretty much all of them are breathtaking and the story telling is first rate. It also has one of thr greatest animated robots in film history in HUM. At the same  IRAQI SUPERMAN is one of the most crushing films of the last decade.

A must see collection.

A viking fights a sea monster in a wickedly cool animated film that appears to have been created using paper cutouts. The imagery really impresses. I suspect it was all done digitally (there is a digital studio logo at the end) but even so effort that went into making this film is just incredible.

HUM (2015)
A dish washing robot longs to get outside to the world. Add this little guy to the list of great movie robots. This film will move you- and make you wish it went on just a bit longer....Guaranteed to be on my year end best of 2016 list

Two spider's compete at making webs.  Its very cute with a denouncement that is just a tad ghoulish.

OLILO (2015)
Introverted girl trapped in her own space finds the transforming power of love. A sweet little film

Robots living in small houses and powered by light dream of going to fly to the sun. Its got a truly unique look but the ending...kind of deflated my feelings for the film

Animated documentary told from the vermin of New York City. Think of CREATURE COMFORTS in a New York Style

A bullied young boy invents a jet pack so he can go rescue his father from Abu Ghraib. Beyond heartbreaking. I don't want to talk about it.(That's a rave by the way)

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