Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950)

Lex Barker continues on as Tarzan in a mostly exciting jungle tale.

Starting almost from frame one, the action begins as the betrothed of a jungle prince is kidnapped. Tarzan and Jane track down the kidnappers but all but one escape. When the one that didn't get away dies from what looks to be a terrible disease, Tarzan summons a doctor who diagnosis's deadly but treatable malady. However things heat up when Jane and the doctor's nurse are kidnapped. This sends Tarzan, the doctor and some others on a trek to find the bad guy

Pretty much exciting from the get go the film keeps your interest with lots of action and a great deal of peril. The chase to rescue Jane and the nurse is fraught with danger as the group is stalked by a bunch of camouflage clad natives who block the way as well as other perils.

If the film as any real flaw it would be a slow down in the  middle for a bit as Tarzan treks and the kidnapped women have to deal with court intrigue in the kingdom to which they were brought. Thankfully once Tarzan gets to the city the action picks up as the bad guys try to stop Tarzan by any means at hand.

This is another good Tarzan. Its the sort of film that explains why the series had been running for 17 years and 14 entries. This is the sort of movie you could curl you with on a rainy afternoon with a bowl of popcorn and just get lost for a while. The film also marks the midway point in the series and where many series would seem to be coasting or winding down the change in leads seems to have invigorated the series. While I know that some of the films to some maybe bumpy, I do like how the series was trying to do more than coast.

I can't wait to see the next film.

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