Monday, February 1, 2016

In Brief: How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) (2015)

Oat wakes up from a bad dream. He is watching his brother catch on fire. As he stares out a window in a high-rise he flashes back to when he was 11 and dealing with the possibility that his brother may soon leave him alone if he ends up chosen in the Thai military lottery. Oat tries to help his brother beat the odds and it sets in motion somethings that will affect his life there after.

A very good nostalgia piece highlighting what one must sometimes do to survive. The film is a kind of low key mediation on memory and what we choose to remember about our loved ones. Its a film about how we relate to our siblings and our lives.

I really like this film a great deal. I think it's a super film....

...but I have nothing to say beyond that.

Don't get me wrong  it's a great movie. I just have nothing to say about the film except that its great and you should see it- which in this  case is enough.

HOW TO WIN AT CHECKERS (EVERY TIME) hits home video and VOD tmorrow

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