Sunday, February 21, 2016

The New York International Children's Film Festival starts Friday

Its one of my most favorite time of the year- the start of the New York International Children’s Film Festival is only days away. Once more I’ll be there in the trenches watching movies and trying to grab a t-shirt (Hey I give them to the nearest kid).

This is the friendliest festival of the year. Everyone is welcome and made to feel at home. The staff and volunteers are so great the Pope is considering a mass canonization for everyone regardless of their religious affiliation. In all seriousness everyone from top to bottom is great and they make a nebbish like e feel completely at home.

While I have seen only a couple of movies so far I can assure you that whatever they are showing is worth your time to go. How do I know? They consistently pick films that Oscar nominates for awards- BOY AND THE WORLD, WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE and SHAUN THE SHEEP all played the festival. The festival is also an Oscar qualifying festival meaning that the shorts that come out as winners are put on a short list.

Additionally the three Best Animated Feature nominees for the French Oscar, ADAMA,  THE LITTLE PRINCE and APRIL AND THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD, are playing this year

If you’ve been reading Unseen for any amount of time you know that this is one festival I don’t do remotely. I wade in whole hog and see as much as I can. As it stands now that’s about 12 or13 features and shorts collections. I’d do more but I need to sleep at some point.

As I said above I’ve seen several of the of films already and I recommend all of them:

MONSTER HUNT is a fun live action cartoon about men and monsters in ancient China. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense but it’s a huge amount of fun. I saw it 2D But this is one that should be seen in 3D which is how the fest is showing it. I’m running a review next week but trust me you want to see this.

OPPOSITE FIELD is a great film. I love the film a great deal and I raved about it when I saw it at DOC NYC in 2014.(My review is here) Not to brag but I’m quoted in the film’s trailer. This is a great film and it makes me cry every time I see it.

IRON GIANT is a classic of cinema- never mind animation. If you've never seen it you MUST. if you've never seen it on the big screen you also must. See it and you too will want to be Superman.(And they are giving DVDs away to every family who goes)

THE CASE OF HANA AND ALICE is a great film. A prequel of sorts to a classic live action film,  Its a mystery film that is actually a fantastic film about the first meeting of two friends. Its a film for everyone and one of the must see's at the festival. (I'm rerunning the review in a day or so). This may be the hidden gem of the festival.

The festival opens Friday and runs weekends to the 20th of March. Its all good so get tickets and go. And do so quickly because there are already sell outs
For more information and to buy tickets go here.

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