Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Oxford Shorts: Vancouver Zoetrope, Til Death, Spearhunter, Life is SuperGr8

A seeming odd mix of shorts come together to give us much to think about and ponder on subjects we probably never considered before.

Vancouver Zoetrope (2016)
Absolutely beautiful short about the Burrard Bridge which when crossed at speed creates the illusion of the hand rails disappearing. An absolute must see on a big screen

Til Death (2016)
On a dark and stormy night a prospective groom brings home his fiance who was killed out side of the church just before their wedding. Its a ghoulish little confection that doesn't go as expected- which makes it worth watching and incredibly memorable. And hats off to the sound guys who give us some truly creepy sound effects.

Spearhunter (2015)
Portrait of Gene Morris who had the law changed in Alabama so he could spear hunt (bow and rifle hunting bored him). He was an egotist and set up a museum to himself. The film amused the hell out of me, even if it doesn't really seem to have a point.

Life is Super Gr8
Portrait of the SUper Gr8 film festival which invites filmmakers to use Super 8 cameras to make films. A great portrait of a festival and the artists who choose to push the boundries and use a seemingly out dated format to try and make something wonderful. It's the kind of film that makes me want to run and dig out my own super 8 camera and start making movies again

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