Monday, February 15, 2016

Oxford Film Festival opens with some Food Short Films

Wednesday night the Oxford FIlm Festival starts with some food and films. The films have to do with food.

Why can't the Food Network do films like this?

Ford porn for people in Oxford.
Food porn period
Absolutely wonderful portrait of an eatery created out of a storage closet in the Lyric Theater.  Where food is served out a window and can be eaten on tables or taken home. It's largely owner/chef/creator Corbin Evans talking about his food.
Proof that simple storytelling is the best way to go sometimes.

Portrait of Rodney Scott of Scott's B-B-Q in Hemingway South Carolina. Its available only a couple of days a week because Scott cuts the wood he uses as cook the meat. We watch as he goes through his process from start to finish and the love that goes into each step. The love and attention to detail is so worthwhile that he had to put up a sign to try and stop people from trying to get into his place before the 930am opening.
Awesome hunger inducing film .

Portrait of Helen Turner of Brownsville Tennessee who runs her place largely all alone. Its a lovely portrait of a a woman who loves what she does and does some wonderful bar-b-que. Where other films in this series look at the cook and what they do this is more about the person, who is cooking as she talks.

A look at chef Vishwesh Bhatt of Snackbar in Oxford Mississippi. A short simple portrait of Vish and how he cooks. Less food porn then a statement of why and how he cooks,

For tickets and more information go here.

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