Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oxford Shorts: Stockholm, Night of the Slasher,Zero,A King's Betrayal and Red Thunder

A mostly good collection of shorts has one weakness, the big budgeted Ridley Scott produced ZERO which makes no sense what so ever even on its own terms. The rest are sly little comedies that will leave you smiling.

A kid gives a school report about his father's occupation which is rather disturbing (the job not the report) because we see what the kid is referring to via flashbacks. A wicked little film that manages to remain funny from start to finish even when you know what the punch line is. Its the sort of film where its fine as is but at the same time you want to know more about the boy and his dad- which would obviously unbalance the film's logic, but at the same time this could go somewhere.

Shot in one take horror comedy has a girl intentionally committing horror movie sins so a mad slasher will appear. Very funny send up of slasher film conventions is going to play best if you know the conventions going in. A perfectly timed film it stretches its premise as far as it will go and ends on a chuckle or two and makes you hope it they never try to make this into a feature film because its perfection would be ruined. As for the one take way of shooting, its clever but it adds nothing to the proceedings and isn't even noticeable until it's pointed out.

As a gravity begins to shut down, a young boy goes in search of answers concerning his dead mother. Meanwhile his father tries to locate him.

This makes no sense what so ever. It would be okay if the film worked on it's own terms but it doesn't. Its a film that's all about making some point except that we aren't lead to it rather we are forced to go there in a dopey way.

The life of a pinata from the pinata's POV.
Its as funny and as Twisted as the synopsis makes it out to be. Its really wrong-REALLY wrong, but damn it's funny

Sarah needs her moms car to go on a date, but her mom won't let her use she takes the car and soon finds out her mother's secret. Amusing fluff piece covers well worn comics ground and is rather entertaining but the technical ability behind the camera really needs a better script next time.

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