Friday, February 17, 2023

21 Miles in Malibu (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

A look at the city of Malibu and the 21 mile stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway that runs through it. Because the high speed highway has to slow down, the 21 mile stretch has become super deadly taking the lives of hundreds of people over the last few years.

Good but a bit unfocused look at a serious problem in one of the most famous parts of the state 21 MILES IN MALIBU wants to be two things the same time. First it wants to be a look at the very real and very serious problem of traffic fatalities in the beach community. At the same time much of the film is angled toward being a memorial for one of the victims Emily Shane.  While I have nothing against the family for making a film that focuses on their daughter the film should have been expanded to include more stories of the loss and devastation the PCH is causing in people's lives.

While not a bad film it should have done more to make people really feel the danger.

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