Monday, February 13, 2023

Rachel 1:1 (2022) hits VOD tomorrow


Rachel and her dad move to a new city and set up a grocery shop. They are escaping their old home, where Rachel’s mother died under violent circumstances and her father’s business failed.  As her father works to make a living for them she loses her self into religious fervor. She joins a local church and makes friends with several of the young women attending services. When a trip to a near by lake leaves her seeing signs and desire to rewrite the bible putting women on an equal footing with men things begin to boil.

Slow burn mystery/religious thriller is a creepy affair. Not a film to lay it all out at the start this is a film that gets more intense and creepier as it goes on. It’s not that that its playing coy, rather its just that what happens triggers things. The result is a film that gets more intense as it goes on.

This is a solid  little thriller that should be on more people’s radar. 

One of the hidden gems at last year's SXSW

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