Sunday, February 26, 2023

Rendezvous With French Cinema Starts this week and it's all great

I’m going to cut to the chase, this year’s Rendezvous With French Cinema is the best one that I have covered in the last 12 years. I’ve seen fifteen of the films and there is only one I can’t recommend.

If that doesn’t get you to go out and buy tickets I don’t know what will.

The reality is that this annual survey of films from France has always been one of my favorite fests of the year.  Every year I see any number of films that end up on my end of the year best lists. The selections are just wonderful.

This year the selections are so good I’m not going to wax poetic  and ramble on about the series I’m just going to say go buy tickets. If you love thrillers this is especially the case since the thrillers they are running are incredible. Some may even curl your toes.

If I was to pick five must sees I’d say:

REVOIR PARIS about trying to recover from a mass shooting

GREEN PERFUME a romantic mystery thriller about murder and a secretive group

NIGHT OF THE 12th about a murder investigation in a small town

SATURN BOWLING about two estranged brothers and murder

HARKIS about the local soldiers who help the occupying force

I previous reviewed OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN and THREE NIGHTS A WEEK so if you read those reviews you’ll know  those are films are musts as well.

Coverage starts tomorrow.

I should also mention that between REVOIR PARIS and OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN maybe the launching pad for Virginie Efira into the American consciousness. Her performances in both films are Oscar worthy. You need to see both to see how good she is.

Again- go buy tickets. There is great stuff here and you need to see it.

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