Monday, February 13, 2023

The horror romance Swallowed (2022) hits VOD Valentines Day


I am going to be very curious what the reaction of audiences to SWALLOWED is going to be. I know that’s a weird way to begin the review, but once you see the film you’ll know what I mean.  The reason I say this is because the film is being billed asa horror film, but it’s not that, its that in the first part of the film, then it morphs into a survival thriller, but the reality it’s a killer bittersweet love story, with one of the most gutting expressions of love I have ever seen on screen in any film.

The film is the story of two friends best friends Ben and Dom. Ben is love with Dom, who is straight. Ben  is also looking to run off and become a porn star in Los Angeles. In order to give Ben a cushion of money Dom as agreed  to carry illicit materials over the US Canandian border. They thought it was just going to be in their car but it’s a job that will involve Dom acting as a mule with the substance inside him. Not long after crossing the border Dom begins to feel ill. When one of the packages falls out they realize that whatever they are transporting is not drugs because its moving.

A gloriously one of a kind film, this is a film that is constantly reinventing itself. The shifts don’t always work, the shift from body horror to survival thriller is a bit abrupt,  it still allows for the film to keep us watching to see where it’s going.

For me the relationship between Ben and Dom is the main reason  to see the film. One of the greatest screen romances it’s a pairing that bleeds heat off the screen. It’s the caring between the two that drives the film forward. I don’t care how you identify, the love between the two is what we all would like to find. A late in the game sequence in a stream had me tearing up because in all the gestures we see the depth of caring.

SWALLOWED is an often tense thriller that is definitely worth a look.

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