Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Locals Only (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023


LOCALS ONLY is great.

The film is a portrait of The Press Room, a local pub in Santa Barbara that became a meeting place for football (soccer) fans and others over the last 30 year. Told by its owner it’s a loving portrait of the pub and the community it created…as well as the danger it faces. It seems local developers want to raze  the building for the best interest of the community either a high end apartment block or boutique hotel.

This film is an absolute joy. It’s a film about a great guy and the place he runs and it puts a smile on your face. It’s a film where when it’s don you want to run out and visit it. It’s a film that makes you instantly realize that the place be for locals, but the reality its for anyone who wants to come in and be part of the huge family.

And it is a huge family since petitions to save the place have garnered almost three times the number of signature as votes for the Santa Barbara Mayor.

This film is highly recommended- and based on this film so is The Press Room itself.

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