Monday, February 20, 2023

Happy Birthday Unseen Films


Now we are thirteen.

Unseen Films is now officially a moody anti-social teenager who would rather sit in their room talking to friends than hang out with their parents.

The sad truth is that I’m a moody anti-social adult locked in  his room trying to meet a deadline.

It’s been a wild and crazy ride that has not gone remotely as expected.

After doing twelve previous Happy Birthday To Us posts I’m not quite sure what to say that hasn’t been said before.

A huge thank you to the entire crew of friends/writers who have come along on this crazy ride. I love you all.

While time had caused many of us to go separate ways, and one of us to be lost to the sands of time, I’m hoping to reconnect with a lot of you this year (I’m talking about you Mondo, JB and the terrible twosome from Jersey). Hopefully we will all be able to break bread or eat popcorn or get BBQ in the next few months.

Actually what I’m hoping is that in addition to reconnecting to the core of Unseen Films I can get to meet a large number of the friends who I’ve made since covid crept in. There are a bunch of us who have been talking on line and who have never met in person and it would be nice to have a physical presence with the words and images.

Beyond that I don’t know. I’d say I’d like world peace and sanity to return in the next year but I don’t want to provoke laughter.

As for the future of the site. Who knows. After thirteen years I don’t know anything. Every time I think things are going to break one way they go another  and then go back again. What ever is going to happen will. If nothing else you’ll have things to read until at least the end of October….maybe longer if I start to move things forward.

And with that I’m going off.

There will be no more posts today.  I could lie and say that I’m taking a break to just chill but I’m writing this two weeks in advance and I know the odds are I’m going to be watching some film or other for some festival or other.

Thank you all for coming along.

Big hug and bags of popcorn to everyone

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