Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Brief word on BUNKER (2023)

A squad of British troopers with an American soldier attached is sent to investigate an enemy trench work. When they get their they discover that that the trenches are empty...and a bunker has been sealed shut from the outside. They enter  and find a dying soldier. A short time later they end up sealed in the bunker themselves when the Germans bomb it. AT that point things get weird as everyone turns on each other...

Running similar to any number of haunted war time bunker tales, this film hits all the expected notes of the subgenre. While it hits the regular notes the film scores by not having the expected reasoning behind it.  What is behind it all wasn't what I was expecting.

I liked this film. I had a great time with it. It kept me guessing , which in this day and age doesn't happen often. This is worth a look. It is the perfect film to hunker down with while having popcorn and a soda. 

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