Tuesday, February 14, 2023

I like it Here (2022) Redux Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023


This is a case of why you need to revisit film  even if it doesn't ring your bell.

I saw this for the New York Jewish Film Festival a few weeks back and the film made almost no impression on me.  I reviewed it but it was more a throw away review rather than a real one. I wrote  what I wrote, posted it and complete forgot it before going on to the next thing in the queue. It was so forgotten I didn't repost the review because I blocked out that I had seen it.

Getting the film a second time, having asked for it based on the write up in the Santa Barbara Film Festival program book, I sat down to watch the film and was blown away. It was only after about 20 minutes did I realize that I had seen the film before. Clearly mood or expectations had changed things. (Actually the SBIFF write up sounded better with it sounding about more than just one person)

The film is a reflection of filmmaker Ralph Arlyck looking back on his life and work. Its a look also into the life of the people around him. It's a film, on second viewing, that really hit home for me. It's a film about life as we live it and how things change as we get older. I was entranced.

What a great film.

Deep and meaningful the film now haunts me like a ghost.

See it.

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