Thursday, February 9, 2023

Werner Herzog Radical Dreamer (2022) Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Latest look at the work and influence of Werner Herzog as told via the people he's worked with and those he influenced. This is a celebration of both Herzog the director and surprisingly Herzog the actor.

I can't be rational about this film. I am a huge Herzog fan. I have been since I saw the opening of AGUIRRE. The though of Wim Wenders, Chloe Zhao, Jason Oppenheimer, Nicole Kidman, Chritian Bale, Carl Weathers and others talking about him is too good to pass up. While the film does repeat some stories, the fact that we have a new generation of people talking about Herzog's work and appearances on The Simpsons is too good to pass up.

What a joy.

Be aware going in this film is more a celebration than a deep dive, but that's okay.

Highly recommended.


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