Friday, February 10, 2023

Desperate Souls, Dark City And The Legend of Midnight Cowboy (2022)

A look at the making of Midnight Cowboy by many of the people involved.

One of the best making of films I’ve seen recently. It’s a film that doesn’t just tell us about the making of the film but also puts the film into the context of the careers of the people involved and society and cinema. Why did the film rattle cages? Because of everything that came together to make a superior concoction.

A mix of new interviews and archival ones, the film does  fantastic job of putting us in to the time and the lives of the people making the film. It’s a film that puts us into the late 1960’s when the film was made and makes us truly understand what it was like.

How good is this film? I not only want to see it again, I want to add it to my collection.

Highly recommended.O

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