Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Ibiza Blue (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

During the pandemic Carlos leaves the city and goes to Ibiza to visit his friend, Julio. Carlos is trying to get over the death of his daughter. Meanwhile Julio has been hiding out since the suicide of his brother  seven years before.  The two men meet and become friends with Alba who is there getting over the death of her father during the pandemic.

More than a week after seeing Jesus Lloveras‘ film I’m still pondering it.  The film is very good, Lloveras has created a film with these small moments that rock your world. The opening sequence set in 2014 when Julio races to try and save his brother is crushing. Told in longer shots that allow the emotion of the situation to become real and earned we are rocked by what we are seeing.  

Lloveras‘  use of the longer takes is what hooked me on the film. I like that we get to watch things play out in something that isn’t movie time but something closer to real time. Where many directors are moving away from rapid cuts to long takes, Lloveras splits the difference here, letting things play out  and then cutting to another shot when it’s dramatically appropriate. Its simple but brilliant move that give the emotional high points real weight.  This why I am still pondering the film, I can’t shake the moments.

This is a really good film and is recommended.

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