Friday, February 10, 2023

EL EQUIPO (2022) Santa Barbara Internation FIlm Festival 2023

Independent Lens documentary on forensic anthropologist  Clyde Snow who in the 1980's was asked to go to Argentina in order to help try and put names to the hundreds of bodies being dug up in mass graves, the result of the mass killings by the military government. Unable to find anyone to help, he turned to college students who were using the new found freedom to protest. His work  created a new generation of trained professionals who changed the science and rattled the pillars of heaven with the findings of human rights violation.

This is an excellent documentary. Its en eye opening look at both anthropology and related sciences but also the whole horrible situation in Argentina. While I was aware of some of this story,  this film filled in a lot of gaps. Also seeing the grim aftermath of all of the killings really brought it home.

If you are worried about what the erosion of civil rights can lead to this is a dire warning. Additionally if you love forensic TV shows this film is a must since it shows you the real world origins of what you see on TV.


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