Sunday, February 12, 2023

More Than Hair (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

This is hands down one of the best films at the Santa Barbara Film Festival  and of the year so far. The film is a staggering film about finding a place and one’s self in an unexpected place.

Told as a memory piece MORE THAN HAIR has a black man remembering back to when he went to a barbar for the first time as a child and how being in a place where he could be who he was and choose how he looked changed his life.

I truly don’t know what to say. There is something about this film, the perfect marriage of sound and image and past and present rocked me. Somewhere toward the end the emotion of finding a place filled me with so  much emotion I started to tear up.

This film is pure magic. This is exactly the sort of thing that films are supposed to do, tell us a story that move us on a basic human level.

Filmmaking does not get better than this.

Highly recommended.

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