Monday, February 13, 2023

WHO ARE THE MARCUSES? (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

Portrait of Howard and Lottie Marcus who quietly gave a 500-million-dollar charitable donation to Israel in order to assure that there would be clean water for everyone. Their plan was that if we preserve water now there will not be a conflict down the road.  The couple was not anyone had really heard of, and the donation took a lot of people by surprise. The film is a look at the couple, who survived the Holocaust and worked to build a better life in America after the war.

Good, but very by the numbers look at the Marcus family. It is aimed at assuring the legacy of the couple who did what they thought was the right thing. The film explains their story and why they thought they had to do this. It’s an interesting story but at the same time it never is full compelling. The problem is the presentation, which is an overabundance of talking heads who all seem to be in the same room. It seems to me more like an infomercial selling something than a documentary.

That said, it’s worth a look for those who are interested

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