Thursday, February 16, 2023

A Bunch of Amateurs (2022) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

Portrait of the Bradford Movie Makers who have been together for roughly a hundred years. The group, like dozens of others across England, was formed by film fans who got together to watch and make films themselves. However as time has gone on and people’s viewing habits have changed the group has lost members and is now struggling to remain together.

Sweet loving portrait of a group of people who truly love film. They love everything about it and they love the like minded people they hang out with.  A low key verite portrait of the group and several of it’s members the film makes clear that the way of this film club maybe numbered as people age out.

Being a rabid film fan I loved this film and everyone on screen. About half way in I wanted to book a flight to England so I could meet the people in the film. Actually I really just wanted to go to their club house and watch movies with them.

While the film might be a bit too low key for some, true film fans are going to eat this film up like popcorn.


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