Saturday, February 18, 2023

Sea Sparkle (2023) Berlin 2023

After her father, a sea captain, is killed at sea, a young girl becomes convinced that he was killed by an undiscovered sea creature. Wanting to clear his name she begins to hunt the beast.

This is a good coming of age story that is not what you expect. I thought this was going to be an adventure instead I got a film about dealing with the death of a parent and the things we do in order to make sense of them. Yes there is the quest for the “beast” but the reality is this is about the part of us that can’t let go.

I really like this film a great deal. It feel like it’s an honest portrait of todays kids. I got lost in the girl‘s quest and I felt like I was watching a real kid and not a movie kid that was working from a script. Actually this was the sort of thing that I could imagine my friend Randi or her friend Janni going through when they were the same age.

This film is definitely worth a look. It’s good enough that I fully expect the film to be playing the festival circuit for a good long while before finding a home on home video.


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