Sunday, February 12, 2023

Rachel Hendrix (2023) Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2023

Lori Singer is a woman trying to pull her life together after the death of her husband.

Third film in Victor Nunez‘s Florida Trilogy,  which includes ULEE’S GOLD, is probably going to play best for anyone who loved those earlier films. This is more of the same with a film more interested in taking a slow look at life as lived with small earthquakes rather than telling a tale of huge emotional explosions. This quiet film is a good example of slow cinema.

Lori Singer is excellent in the lead. Her performance of a broken woman slowly coming back together is the sort of performance that makes you wonder why she hasn’t been getting some more prominent roles. It’s a performance where we can feel her pain bleeding off the screen  with a look or a vocal inflection. Singer is so good it makes you wonder why Hollywood hasn’t been beating down her door.

While I like the film and appreciate what the film is trying to do  I still wish this was shorter by 20 minutes.  The pacing of the film at time feels off since some sequences had me questioning why the silences.

Still if you can go with the pace, Lori Singer is fantastic and makes the film worth a look.


  1. Pretty accurate -We got tickets for “Rachel Hendrix” Saturday at the metro- it s a sad story. Lori Singer. Oh Lori Singer!she carried me to her world with subtle, painful realizations.Todd Field spoke afterwards, giving heavy-compliments to Lori Singer. He knew Mr. Nunez’s work for years. A slow film but go see it and bring a tissue for tears.

  2. Lori Singer is one of the most enchanting, sensitive actress ever. She need to be recognized. I'm so happy she has worked with maestro Victor Nunez.