Friday, March 1, 2024

On The Adamant (2023) plays Rendezvous With French Cinema 2024 Monday

This is a look at the Adamant, a community center for people with mental and emotional issues located on the Seine. We follow the group on several days over the course of a year.

This is a mix of interviews with observational sequences. It's some good time with some good people. I left the film wishing that the film was longer so that I could see more.

As much as I like this film I need to warn some of you that some of this is going to seem static. There isn't much camera motion or many cuts. It's because the  Adamant isn't very big so there wasn't room for multiple cameras (besides it would have been intrusive).  This is noticeable in the first part of the film where there are more interviews then sequences where things happen. However as the film goes on we get sequences where the people we met  earlier interact and become more than just people talking at us. It's wonderful, and it will make you want to see more.

This film is a charmer and recommended

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