Friday, March 1, 2024

The Queen's Flowers (2024) NYICFF 2024

In 1915 a young girl makes a gift for the last queen of Hawaii.

This is a lovely little film whose beauty brought a tear to my eye. Based on a true story, the film is about a student at a girl’s school  that was next to the residence of Lili'uokalani the last Queen of Hawaii. Expanded into a something magical THE QUEENS FLOWERS  made me smile. From the opening moments where a butterfly enters to the frame  I was entranced. I was simply carried along.

This is glorious filmmaking and clearly the work of an artist who trusts their instincts.

My only disappointment with the film was that I did not get to see this film at one of the New York International Children's Film Festival screenings (It’s playing in both Short Films 2 and Girl’s’ POV). That may sound foolish, but the truth is having attended the fest for too many years I know that the audiences are going to audibly react. I wanted to hear the reaction.

Highly recommended.

The film will be screening through out the festival, though the filmmakers will be at the March 3 screening

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