Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alien Weaponry: Kua Tupu Te Ara (2024) Tribeca 2024

Portrait of the metal band Alien Weapory who who founded by two brothers when they were teenagers. We watch as they grow into a world recognized band go through personnel changes, stop touring with mom and dad and begin to grow up. They also sing in the Maori language.

Strangely under the radar film at this years Tribeca is one of the more entertaining and satisfying. A warts and all look at the band, we see how the guys are little kids at heart and being changed, perhaps not for the better, by the road. It's told with a frankness and a refusal to hide that is rare in music docs which tend to be purely puff pieces. 

While the music is heavy metal, it is better than you might think. I say this because we hear part of a performance they were trying to put together with a symphony orchestra and it sounds amazing.

Grossly under attended at the public screening I attended, this is a film that is going to develop a cult following. I suspect when the boys go into the stratosphere there are going to be thousands of people who say they were there when it premiered.

Highly recommended

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